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    Sin Gaming is still alive!
    To any of you that might be wondering where the community went, why the forums are desolate or what happened to the Teamspeak: We have moved to Discord (https://discord.gg/wQkP8UT). The Discord chat is fairly active, so come join us!

    As for the future of Sin Gaming, I have begun progress on a very unique RPG experience in Minecraft. It will be designed to last, with daily events, PvP tournaments and other ideas to give players a reason to come back daily. If anyone has programming experience with Minecraft plugins, please contact me as this project will take quite some time by myself, especially since I only have a basic understanding of the Spigot API right now. I hope to have plugins with basic functionality implemented within the next month so that I can release a public alpha server to see how people react to the planned features. Upon full release of the server, I hope to have a weekly update schedule so the server does not stagnate and always has new features or tweaks being implemented. There will also be a EULA-compliant donation system to help with server upkeep and future endeavors.

    I have also been talking to people within the Rocket League community and have discovered some great opportunities for Sin Gaming. Look forward to tournaments and Twitch streams in the near future!
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